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Top 10 Sober Podcasts

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Top Reviews

Top 10 Sober Podcasts

This is a list of the Top 10 Sober / Sobriety / Stop Drinking Podcasts with titles, banners, descriptions and links ranked in order of audience size / number of ratings / stars on iTunes, where available. Just click the title for a direct link!

1) Hooked

 Description: “Two women of substance, Melissa Rice and Jade Wye, debunk the stereotype of addicts and guide you through the highs and lows of addiction and recovery.” BBC Sounds 3.7m







2) Take a Break from Drinking

 Description: “Tired of breaking your promise to go easy on the drinks tonight? You know your nightly habit isn’t great for your health or waistline, but it’s so hard to say no.” Rachel Hart Education – 4.9 • 2.3K Ratings






3) This Naked Mind Podcast

 Description: “Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement.” Annie Grace Health & Fitness – 4.8 • 1.8K Ratings






4) Recovery Elevator

 Description: “Here’s an idea. When you’re a closet alcoholic who’s quit drinking more times than you can count, start a podcast to hold yourself accountable as publicly as possible.” Paul Churchill Health & Fitness – 4.7 • 1.3K Ratings






5) Seltzer Squad – Staying Sober In The City

 Description: “The Seltzer Squad is a supportive space for those seeking and maintaining sobriety.” Seltzer Squad Health & Fitness – 4.8 • 669 Ratings






6) A Sober Girls Guide

 Description: “Jessica Jeboult is a Sober Girl. After trying to get sober for nearly 10 years, Jessica is here to share her experiences along the way to complete and utter sobriety.” A Sober Girls Guide Health & Fitness – 4.4 • 269 Ratings






7) Alcohol Free Life

 Description: “Have you quit the booze? Sober curious? Thinking about reducing your alcohol intake?” Janey Lee Grace – Alcohol Free Life from The Sober Club Health & Fitness – 4.8 • 231 Ratings






8) Sober Curious

 Description: “Sober Curious author Ruby Warrington talks to all kinds of folks about their relationships to booze, as well as how to navigate life as a non-drinker in a world that loves to get wasted.” Ruby Warrington Health & Fitness – 4.8 • 186 Ratings






9) Beyond Belief Sobriety Podcast

 Description: The Beyond Belief Sobriety Podcast features the personal stories of people who have found a secular path to addiction recovery. We also post interviews with authors and experts in the science of addiction and explore all secular recovery options. Health & Fitness – 4.5 • 107 Ratings






10) The Sober Experiment Podcast

 Description: Alex and Lisa have been best friends since Lisa was 11 and Alex was 13 – They drank together for nearly 30 years before ‘experimenting’ with a sober lifestyle that immediately became a permanent fixture. Bee Sober Health & Fitness – 4.7 • 79 Ratings







If your favourite stop drinking / sober / sobriety podcast is not in this list, or you would like to share your opinion of one of these podcasts, feel free do so in the comments below. If you find this list useful please share it on your social media by clicking on one of these buttons now. Thank you 🙂




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