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The Top 10 Stop Drinking Blogs

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Top Reviews

The Top 10 Stop Drinking Blogs

Why are these Stop Drinking Blogs the best?

This list of the Top 10 Stop Drinking Blogs for 2021 objectively ranks sober or sobriety blogs according to ‘hits’, or unique monthly visits from organic searches based on data from Semrush, after subjective shortlisting based on quality, authority and range of articles, with direct links to each blog in the title and a copy of their logo and ‘About Us’ description from the site, as well as two ‘recommended reads’ for each site.

There are many ‘stop drinking blogs’ lists out there but many are out of date containing blogs that are closed or with links that don’t work and have no objective measure for their ranking. I have spent a week researching all these lists, googling terms and using other means to find the best stop drinking blogs in 2021 as objectively as possible, except for the last, which you will forgive for me including because it is my own stop drinking blog!  I have also included an organic traffic graph for the last twelve months so you can see each blog’s hits in context. The figures were correct at the time of going to press in December 2021.

There are also one or two blogs on this list that are effectively archives and no longer currently updated but the quality and range of the information they provide, and their hits, qualifies them for a place on this list. If a blog did not have quality, range and hits, it was not included which is why this is not an exhaustive list and not based on only one criteria, eg. hits. If hits was the only criteria the list would be full of US recovery centres which tend to get massive hits but may have very few blog articles, never mind of quality, ie. well-written and well researched.

A few of the blogs on this list get very few hits measured monthly, which surprised me, but they are included because they are outstanding. None of these blogs are solely of the ‘personal diary’ style because their range of topics is often too limited or idiosyncratic, although they may get many hits, and you can find them easily on almost every other top stop drinking blog list. I have also veered away from blogs whose sole purpose appears to be recruitment for a coaching program, or promotion of a book, or gives advice which is biased or only based on personal experience rather than any research. However, I do not take any responsibility for, nor endorse, any of the information in the blogs on this list because it is obviously impossible for me to check all their posts, and so you do so at your own risk. These are the sources I publish from on the official Addiction Help Agency Facebook page, before sharing to private and public Facebook groups, see below.

With these provisos, I hope you will discover blogs on this list that are informative, insightful and inspiring and new to you, and both helpful and valuable on your sober journey. If you find this post useful, please do not forget to share it on your social media at the end so it may help others. These are the blogs that contain the most interesting articles for me personally and professionally, as a therapist, and, like I said, which I also regularly share from my official Addiction Help Agency page in my private Facebook group, “Be Happy Sober“, and my public Facebook group, “How to Stop Drinking“, which you are welcome to join. And/or you can also get a brief five point bullet list of links to each week’s best blog posts by joining Five Facts Friday – free here. Enjoy!

1. Addiction Centre – 1.8m (Unique monthly visits)


“Since 2014, Addiction Center has been an informational web guide for those who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders. Addiction Center is owned by Recovery Worldwide, a national informational marketing umbrella for several addiction recovery-related properties. Addiction Center works with nationally recognized treatment facilities to provide treatment counseling, rehab placement and insurance/financial consultations for those seeking help.

“All content included on Addiction Center is created by our team of researchers and journalists. The topics are chosen based on informational interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals to provide the most valuable information for our audience. All of our articles are fact-based and sourced from relevant publications, government agencies and medical journals.”

Recommended Reads:

5 Things I Wish I’d Been Told In Early Sobriety 
How You Can Deal With Loneliness Without Alcohol

2. The Fix – 57.8K (Unique monthly visits)


“The Fix is the world’s premier website about addiction and recovery, featuring a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, essays and blogs on sober living, lifestyle and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from expert counsel. We also offer Rehab Reviews and practical guides for dealing with addiction and related mental health and life issues. Further,

“The Fix provides an extensive forum for debating relevant issues, allowing a large community the opportunity to express its experiences and opinions on all matters pertinent to addiction and recovery without bias or control from The Fix. Our stated editorial mission is to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources. Please direct any comments or questions to, and any marketing inquiries to And for a weekly dose of can’t-miss features emailed right to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter here. Interested in contributing to The Fix? Please use our feature submission manager here or join our blogging community here.”

Recommended Reads:

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work for Lasting Change
5 Honest Sober Tips For Anyone Wanting To Take Their Life Back

3. Sober Nation  – 53.3K (Unique monthly visits)


“Founded 7 years ago, was created as a go-to resource for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse related disorders. Our goal is to offer our users the ability to find the best rehab for them.

“We started as a simple blog and since then have expanded greatly into a daily source for addiction news, a platform to share your sober date and experience, a video aggregator, a college recovery directory, a directory for those seeking rehab and much more.”

Recommended Reads:

Coronavirus Isolation May Increase Risk of Addiction Relapse
How to Incorporate Mindfulness In Addiction Recovery

4) Hip sobriety – 2,900 (Unique monthly visits)

“Hello there! I started this website, and Hip Sobriety, in 2014 in order to tell my story, give a very different perspective on both alcohol and recovery, and offer tools and resources…I still use this blog for my own personal blog, though rarely these days. You can find my writing on this site…or follow me on instagram at @holly where I try and post regularly.”

Recommended Reads:

Afraid to quit drinking? 3 Common fears and how to move past them
12 Fabulous things about sobriety

5) The Sober World – 754 (Unique monthly visits)

“The Sober World’s mission is to help educate people and provide resources for those struggling with addiction. Our blog page has articles on almost any topic related to addiction. If you click on the magnifying glass, you can research any topic you want to learn about. Our articles are written by top doctors, researchers, scientists, clinicians and families that have suffered the devastation of addiction.”

N.B. On the day of publication of this article this website was down but has remained included because I am assuming it is a temporary technical difficulty.

Recommended Reads:

How to prevent relapse
How to understand addiction

6) Heroes in Recovery – 555 (Unique monthly visits)

“Heroes in Recovery is a movement ignited by Foundations Recovery Network and the widespread community of those who are in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. We discovered that while 23 million people each year need help for addiction, only three million actually seek treatment. We’re looking to reach the other 20 million– those who may not be seeking help due to the overwhelming stigma that often surrounds substance use and mental health disorders.”

Recommended Reads:

Having Fun While Staying Sober: It’s All in the Planning
Managing Stress in Recovery

7) Soberocity 442 (Unique monthly visits)

“Founded in 2017, Soberocity’s mission has always been clear: we want to connect people living a sober life with like-minded individuals through online meet-ups, live streams, and more. We want to change the perception of what it means to live a sober life and make it achievable and attainable for everyone suffering, or who has suffered, from addiction.”

Recommended Reads:

Thinking Mindfully
7 Tips for Navigating the Holidays if You’re Struggling in Recovery

8) Recovery Review Blog – 11 (Unique monthly visits)

“Recovery Review is a community of recovery-oriented experts on addiction and addiction recovery. Our backgrounds include public policy, research, physician health programs, methadone maintenance, collegiate recovery, urban crisis services, hospital-based mental health and substance use disorder services, and teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels.”

Recommended Reads:

The Concepts of Psychological Dependence and Physical Dependence Are Being Lost
Spirituality – steer away or steer towards?

9) Addiction Inbox – 7 / month

“Dirk Hanson. Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings.”

Recommended Reads:

7 Myths the Alcohol Industry Wants You to Believe
Economy Down, Addictions Up?

10) Soberzine – 1 (Unique monthly visit)

“Aha’s online magazine celebrating sobriety with Advice, Offers, Research, Top Reviews, Animation, Interviews and much much more!”

Recommended Reads:

The Quit Lit books that inspired me to write a Quit Lit book
The Top 10 Quit Lit Books To Stop Drinking


Hopefully this article has been of some use to you, and if there’s any blog that hasn’t been mentioned, but you feel is worthy of a place on the list, please share it in the comments below. As requested at the start, a lot of time and effort went into researching this list, and I’d be grateful if you’d please share it by clicking one of the social media buttons below. I appreciate it. Thank you 🙂


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