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by | Jul 29, 2021 | Interviews

In this episode, Mark shares his personal story of recovery and how he was inspired to write “Holmes’s Complete Guide To Stop Drinking” and make a career change from education to helping people overcome alcohol use disorder.

Beyond Belief Sobriety Podcast

What we talked about

  • The reason people start drinking alcohol.
  • Society’s attitude toward alcohol.
  • The connection between self-esteem and developing a dependence on alcohol.
  • The reasons for drinking change as we pass through different phases of life.
  • Consequences of drinking over time.
  • Alcohol is a poison.
  • The danger of losing inhibitions.
  • Why willpower alone is not enough to stop drinking.
  • How to determine if you have a problem with alcohol.
  • Founding the Addiction Help Agency.
  • Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to stop drinking.


Beyond Belief Sobriety Podcast

Addiction Help Agency 

Holmes Complete Guide to Stop Drinking Alcohol



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About Us

Mark Holmes MA is CEO and Founder of the Addiction Help Agency Ltd., to help others achieve permanent sobriety painlessly without using willpower and without cravings.

Holmes is a former International School Principal and high functioning alcoholic for over thirty years who spent years researching how to stop drinking which led to training as an Alcohol Addiction CBT Therapist and culminated in writing his unique mindfulness method of alcohol cessation in "Holmes's Complete Guide To Stop Drinking Alcohol; The Easy, Mindful and Pain-free Way".

Holmes has a Master's degree from UCL, and is a registered CBT Therapist at NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, and abides by their professional standards and ethics.

Holmes offers one-to-one online counselling HERE internationally and face-to-face one-day group seminars HERE in London, UK.

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